Bumper System

Save your boat and dock from damage today!


Our inflatable buoys are aligned parallel with the dock horizontally allowing more maximum coverage.


Our patented bumper system is anchored securely to the edge, making sure your dock does not become unprotected in rough waters.


Save money on your repairs now by saving a dock today!

Buy your 8-foot kit today!


Sav-A-Dock’s Bumper System

Tired of your boat bouncing against that wood and other materials? Tired of stringing buoys off the side of the boat? Ensure it is protected with the patented Sav-A-Dock protection unit.


Look at the benefits…

Install and relax while your boat and dock are taken care for years to come.


Inflate, String, Sheath, Anchor!


No more do you have to worry about bouys popping up and over the dock.


The horizontally aligned bouys allows for the bumper system to protect every inch!


Boats can have their own buoys to help with protection. You will no longer have to rely on boat owners to protect their your dock as our system makes all other buoys obsolete.


For dealer and wholesale, as well as direct from factory pricing please call for discussion and understanding of minimum order quantities. Bumpers are sold un-inflated to save on transport costs. We can drop ship for customers from our warehouse located in Memphis, TN as well just let us know if needed. We can calculate FOB pricing from warehouse.

*shipping and taxes are not included in shown prices*

100-Foot Kit


Normally $2999

  • 100-Foot Sleeve
  • Hardware Kit
  • Rope
  • 80 Bumpers
  • Install Instructions
  • Brown Box Packaging
8-Foot Sleeve


  • 8-Foot Sleeve
  • Hardware Kit
  • Install Instructions
  • Brown Box Packaging
100-Foot Sleeve


  • 100-Foot Sleeve
  • Hardware Kit
  • Install Instructions
  • Brown Box Packaging
Individual Bumper



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Sav-A-Dock, LLC

After having to repair my dock and boat and witnessing others repairing theirs on an annual basis due to watercraft continually slipping by the standard bumper method and with frustration of no other product on the market that protects like a standard bumper but doesn’t slip over the edge of the boat or dock, my long time friend (Steve Dean) and I went on a quest to design a product to give lake dwellers and marina’s a choice to protect their watercraft and dock investment. After several trial and error prototypes and bringing another friend (Terry) on board we designed what is now known as Sav-A-Dock. This system covers all the basis with regards to protection of your dock and watercraft.

Happy damage free lake life, Eric Baker

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